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Topics covered include: wired workaround (like lightning headphones), cool adapters that let you use your old headphones, and what kind of choices you have for wireless headphones.

Wireless is the wave of the future. So it is probably better that Apple went forward with the change now, rather than wait until its next flagship iPhone is released.

Ultimately This May be a Good Change

65% of Apple's business is on repeat iPhone sales. They must keep pushing the envelope of technology, personality, and convenience. Most likely these changes will lead to a better product in the long run.

And if you've never used wireless headphones before, you will be in for a treat. No wires are wonderful. You can ride a bike with your phone in your pocket and still listen to great music. Don't like the track or want to change the volume? Simply press a small button on the side of your headphones and next track starts or the volume changes.

Airpods are Coming!

Another reason Apple wanted to go with a headphone jack free phone is their new Airpods. These little, portable ear pieces are fully integrated computers that you wear in your ear. They play music and couple perfectly with Apple devices every time.

They sound like a good idea. But the first generation may have some problems. Apple is notorious for making fashionable devices. But because these have silly looking fangs on them, this first generation will likely be more mocked than appreciated. Don't rule them out yet though. Apple will certainly learn from this mistake. You can expect the generation #2 set (est. Nov. 2017) to have a lower profile and look much better.

Good luck Apple fans!

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